Horsholm, Denmark, April 20, 2017 – Today, ExpreS2ion Biotech Holding AB (“ExpreS2ion”), announces that the fully owned subsidiary ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies ApS has entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with ABIVAX S.A. for the commercial use of ExpreS2ion’s expression system, ExpreS2, for their ABX544 Ebola program. The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed. The agreement follows the term sheet announcement, which ExpreS2ion communicated in a press release on December 12, 2016.

The Agreement

ExpreS2ion and ABIVAX have signed a non-exclusive license agreement for the commercial exploitation of ExpreS2ion’s Drosophila S2 protein expression system, ExpreS2. ABIVAX is thereby granted rights to commercially develop ABX544 using ExpreS2ion’s proprietary technology, ExpreS2. The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

ABX544 – a novel prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of Ebola

Ebola virus causes severe and often fatal illness in humans, as demonstrated by the 2014/15 outbreak in Africa, causing disease in >28,000 of which >11,000 died. There is currently no licensed Ebola vaccine or specific treatment on the market.
The ABX544 program aims at creating an Ebola anti-serum, containing neutralising antibodies produced in animals. In contrast to vaccines, which takes time to raise a protective immune response, ABX544 will have immediate effect upon administration. It will thereby constitute a “first line of defence” for infected individuals and health care personnel during epidemic outbreaks. Following the preclinical evaluation and toxicology, ABIVAX plans to bring ABX544 into clinical trials.

Dr. Steen Klysner, CEO, ExpreS2ion, commented:

“I am pleased to see ABIVAX’s exciting ‘first line of defence’ program for Ebola proceed to the next level. We have worked intensely on the program since initiation of the collaboration in 2016 and it is due to the successful outcome of this, that ABIVAX is now ready to advance the project under a commercial license to the ExpreS2system, including potential future milestones and royalties”.


ABIVAX (Euronext Paris: FR0012333284 – ABVX) is an innovative biotechnology company focused on targeting the immune system to eliminate viral disease. ABIVAX leverages three technology platforms for drug discovery: an anti-viral, an immune enhancement, and a polyclonal antibody platform. ABX464, its most advanced compound, is currently in Phase II clinical trials for providing a functional cure for patients with HIV/AIDS. In addition, ABIVAX is advancing a clinical stage immune enhancer as well as multiple preclinical candidates against additional viral targets (i.e. Chikungunya, Ebola, Dengue).

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